Does Word Count Really Matter For SEO Content?

Does Word Count Really Matter For SEO Content?

It’s not a ranking factor, so why is word count important for SEO? Here's what you need to know about when, why, and how much word count matters.

Word Count // SEO Content Writing Mastery / Blogging Tips

�� Word Count // SEO Content Writing Mastery / Blogging Tips
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Word Count

Word Count is exactly what it sounds like – the number of words of your article.

The best thing you can do is write a good article – an article that thoroughly, and completely covers the topic you are writing about.

However, search engines like longer form content, and one easy-to-follow SEO best practice is to make sure that the article you are writing has more words than the other articles you are trying to rank above (aka all the articles on Page 1 when you search the keyword).

Word count is also an important concept to understand because most companies pay per word.

If you are a hired to write blog content, word count will usually be provided for you – but if you are ever unsure about what the word count of your article should be you can always just look at the word count of the top ranking articles and get an average.

Then, just make your article somewhere slightly above that average!

⏱ Chapters:

0:00 Word Count
0:15 Word Count
0:30 Word Count

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Does Word Count Affect SEO? | The Layover Live Episode 107

This week on The Layover Live, Jason is joined by Paul McLeod to answer a common question; does word count affect a website’s organic search ranking? Paul and Jason discuss an article from Search Engine Journal which goes into great detail about how word count can and cannot affect your website’s organic search ranking.

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What is the Right Content Length for SEO?

There are a lot of opinions online when it comes to content length and SEO. In this video, I debunk some of the “experts” and do my best to set you on the right track when it comes to creating the right content for SEO.

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SMA Marketing is an international search marketing agency that has been helping global and local brands grow online since 2009.

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Google told us word count or content length does not matter for SEO!

This news is groundbreaking because our industry has focused on content length to rank against competitors on Google Search.

Is your content long enough to rank on Google?

Find out what this means for your SEO in this video.

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