Chrome Canary Features For Technical SEO

Chrome Canary Features For Technical SEO

Technical SEO pros, meet Chrome's Canary and its new browser features for debugging and troubleshooting SEO issues.

Cohort 5 | Technical SEO (WordPress)

Cohort 5 | Technical SEO (WordPress)

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Technical SEO: Get More Traffic Fixing These Mistakes.

Check out this Technical SEO checklist that will help you fix all major problems in your site to ensure your site will rank on search engines to get free organic traffic.
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Step 1- SSL 0:45
Step 2- One Version 2:12
Step 3- Permalinks 3:54
Step 4- Analytics 4:26
Step 5- Index Your Website in Google 7:40
Step 6- Bing Indexing 9:10
Step 7- Yandex Indexing 10:34
Step 8- Mobile-Friendly Test 11:56
Step 9- Sharing Buttons 13:31

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Interview: Technical SEO with Kristina Azarenko

In this special episode, we had a chance to interview Kristina Azarenko and talk about all things technical SEO.

Kristina talked about her journey in technical SEO, her popular SEO courses, website migrations and she shared many actionable tips and advice for all technical SEOs.

So if you are wondering about starting your journey in technical SEO, this interview is exactly for you!

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Technical SEO 101: Common Reasons You Are Not Ranking in Google

John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility is here to walk you through technical SEO. With experience that stems from over 12 years, John has mastered the basics and would love to share his knowledge with you. Dive into this video to learn some common reasons you may not be ranking in Google and discover some simple SEO tips.

Technical SEO Tips:
1. Eliminate Duplicate Content (Unique URL, Title, Meta Description, Headings with Keywords, Content, and Image
2. Fix Your Broken Link or SiteMap
3. Improve Low-Text Pages
4. Include Alt-Text
5. Double-Check Broken Images, Low Word Count, Incorrect Image Declaration
6. Check Your Redirects
7. Submit Your Sitemap
8. Check Your Robot.txt File, Rel Canonical Tags, No Index and Nofollow Pages
9. Make Sure Your Site is on HTTPS
10. Review Page Speed and Core Web Vitals

If you have any additional questions about technical SEO, please leave them below in the comment section. Looking for more Technical SEO tips? Check out this video:
How Does Technical SEO Work? (And Why You Need It):

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