57 SEO Insights From Google’s John Mueller

57 SEO Insights From Google’s John Mueller

Brush up on your SEO knowledge with this comprehensive collection of insights from Google Search Advocate John Mueller.

John Mueller from Google Explains the Concept of Reconciliation and the Importance of Entity Homes

How long does SEO take for new pages? #AskGooglebot

In this episode of AskGooglebot, John Mueller explains how long it takes a new page to be indexed by Google and what you can do to speed up the process. This question was submitted by filecoffee. Thank you!

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Did Google’s John Mueller Really Say Backlinks Don’t Matter?

You’ve probably seen the posts already in every Facebook group for SEOs on the planet. But did John Mueller really say links don’t matter for SEO or is it just click-bait?

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Is Google’s John Mueller Lying About Backlinks?

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John Mueller, Google’s search advocate says backlink quantity doesn’t matter when it comes to SEO. Is he right or do I think he’s lying? Should we trust John Mueller?

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