19 Daily Habits That Make You Less Productive (And What to Do)

19 Daily Habits That Make You Less Productive (And What to Do)

We only have 1440 minutes a day. Why are some more productive than others? Here's some answers and habits to supercharge your productivity.

12 Habits That Changed My Life

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10 things I do daily
10 Daily Habits For Highly Successful People. Create a HAPPY & HEALTHY LIFE
Improve your life by doing these 10 things daily.

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1. Read Books – Self Help and Nonfiction
2. Stimulate Your Brain By Doing Brain Activities
3. Practice Gratitude
4. Set A Daily Intention
5. Move and Listen To Your Body – Exercise & Rest
6. Get Outside – Healthy Exposure To Vitamin D
7. Create a Power To Do List
8. Hydrate – H2O
9. Self Care / Self Love – Meditate, Eat Healthy, Clean
10. Work On Side Project or Hobby

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Overcoming Self Doubt (+ Productivity Habits)

Watch in HD 🙂 Transitions in life can be hard, whether they are planned for or not. Beyond daily habits and change in routine, the mental aspect of change can be the hardest barrier to overcome. Lets get real in this sit down and talk about mentalities behind change. Let me know what transitions you’re going through this fall! ��

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