17 Tactics to Create Engaging & SEO-Friendly Content

17 Tactics to Create Engaging & SEO-Friendly Content

SEO-friendly content shouldn't read as though it was made for machines. Learn how to create engaging content your audience will love.

How to Create SEO Friendly Content (Before You Create Content) | SEO Content Template

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Although they are rivals, both states have unique combat tactics, promoting their strengths

Although they are rivals, both states have unique combat tactics, promoting their strengths

Content Teardowns: How to Create Engaging & SEO-friendly Copy with Semrush

It wasn’t that long ago when marketers thought they could just create content, put it up on their website, and it would organically generate the reach and engagement they were looking for.

How times have changed.

Today, creating content that not only ranks well organically and outperforms the competition, but also effectively speaks to and engages with your intended audience is a far more nuanced process. 

In this webinar, we’ll review audience-submitted blog posts and analyze them in real time using a few Semrush Content Marketing tools, providing insight into how they could be improved for audience engagement and SEO. 

Join this webinar to learn more about:

Interested in having one of your blog posts analyzed live on our webinar – with recommendations for how it could be improved?

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Content Writing for SEO: How to Create Content that Ranks in Google

In this video, you’ll learn how to do content writing for SEO that engages your audience, satisfies search engines, and drives consistent traffic.

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Whether you’re writing for your own site or for a client, you should have 2 objectives for your content.

► The content should drive traffic to the site.
► The content should turn people into customers or push them further down the sales funnel.

With these objectives in mind, here’s a simple process to achieve both of these goals.

The first step is to write about topics people are searching for.

Most people like to write about topics that excite them. But these posts often have a short shelf life.

When you create content around topics that people are searching for, then you get the opposite effect: free, passive and consistent traffic that usually grows over time.

How do you do this? This video will show you how.

The second step is to assess the type of content Google wants you to create.

Google’s job is to deliver the most relevant results for any given search query. And they do a pretty good job at this.

So naturally, if you want to rank for your target topic, then you need to know the type of content Google will rank for that query.

This is called search intent. Watch the video to find out how to determine search intent from any query.

Step three is to create a data-driven outline.

Content is like a puzzle. There are a lot of different pieces and it’s tough to assemble without some kind of framework. Outlines are like the edge pieces of the puzzle. They help to form the base and all you need to do is fill in the missing pieces.

They also help make sure you’re including all critical points worth communicating on the topic.

This video will show you how to easily create a blog post outline.

Step four is to create a click-worthy headline.

A headline is important because it’s what stands between you and a visitor. Its main job is to convince people to actually click on your result. Then it’s your content’s job to keep them reading.

Watch the video to learn how to write good headlines.

Step five is to write a killer intro using the AIDA formula.

The introduction is arguably the most important part of your content. Its job is to hook your reader, tell them they’re in the right place, and convince them to keep reading.

Fortunately, there’s a tried and tested formula you can use called AIDA, which you can use.

What does it stand for and how do you use it? Watch the video.

Step six is to make your content actionable and easy to digest.

So your outline should act as a nice skeleton for your post. And to add meat to those bones, you need to do two things.

► Make your content as helpful as possible.
► Make it easy to digest and read by focusing on your communication and writing skills.

Watch the video to learn some tips on how to do this.


1:11 Write about topics people are actually searching for
3:50 Assess the “type” of content Google will rank
5:18 Create a data-driven outline
7:15 Create a click-worthy headline
8:04 Write a killer intro using the AIDA formula
9:47 Make your content actionable and easy to digest
11:25 Get unfiltered feedback

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